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Kidnapping is often charged in sex cases. For other examples of successful kidnapping cases see also sex crimes.

  1. Not GuiltyKidnapping, a Class 2 Dangerous Crime against Children – Jury Trial. Guilty of Unlawful Imprisonment, a Class 6 Dangerous felony and Resisting Arrest, a Class 6 Undesignated felony. Defense was involuntary intoxication. Defendant faced mandatory 10 years to 24 years flat time in prison at trial if convicted as charged with a likely sentence of 17 years in prison. State declined a settlement judges proposed an 8 year prison settlement offer and wanted to argue for 10 year to 15 years prison under state's proposed plea agreement. Defendant received 1.5 years prison with probation upon her release. Maricopa County Superior Court.
  2. Not guiltyKidnapping, a class 2 Dangerous felony; Not guilty – Theft by Extortion, a class 2 Dangerous felony – Jury Trial. Defendant convicted of two probation eligible offenses of Unlawful Imprisonment, a class 6 non-dangerous felony and Misconduct with Weapons, a class 4 felony (an illegal alien in possession of a firearm). Defense investigation and cross-examination revealed that the alleged victim greatly exaggerated what all happened. Defendant faced mandatory prison between 7 years to 45 years 9 months if he was convicted as charged at trial. Maricopa County Superior Court.
  3. Defendant pled to a reduced charge and received probation with 1 year in jail with credit for time served. Kidnapping, a class 2 dangerous felony, Armed Robbery, a class 2 dangerous felony, Extortion, a class 2 felony, Theft, a class 2 felony. Defendant was facing 7 years minimum in prison if lost at trial and no offer from the state. Defense interviews exposed serious problems with the state's case and convinced the prosecutor to make the probation offer. Defendant opted to accept the state's offer of probation with jail. Maricopa County Superior Court.

Disclaimer: The names of the defendants are withheld to protect their privacy. Each case is different and nothing on this list should be taken as a guarantee of future results on a particular case. These cases are offered to demonstrate that Mr. Rock not only has experience but also has experience obtaining favorable results on all types of criminal cases.

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